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im such a loser. i feel like such a nerd. 9 days until my birthday.… - what if i wanted you. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 4th, 2003|04:51 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |lost prophets - the fake sound of progress]

im such a loser. i feel like such a nerd. 9 days until my birthday. wee.

my moms done nonstop bitching at me for the past couple of daays. hey, mom, suck my cock. i dont know what the fuck is up her house, and im quite afraid to ask.

its horribly cold outside and my feet are yet. its horribly cold inside because of these cheap bastards i live with. i went to bed last night with 3 comforters, 2 pairs of socks, my cow pjs, and a biiiig sweater. and was still FREEZING my ass off. assholes. thats ok though, i actually like being cold and being under layers of shtuff. i like layers. yay.

the bus was weird today. aww, our today was our lovely busdriver debbies last day, and it was sad, and she said "i love you bunches tiffani, merry christmas, and be safe and ill come back soon" and then i hugged her and she kissed me on the cheek and bye. aww. i wish i wasnt such a loser, but it was just sweet. that was like.. 1 out of 5566546547457457 bus drivers that have ever been THAT cool. she took us to mcdonalds, but i stayed on the bus with josh. wow. what a fun time.

i need to do some homework... like.. now. im supposed to be going to the gym today, ya know.. because i want to be an anorexic whore (my mom asked me this question, and ya know what.. she is a retard) but i doubt my mom will want to go. but i really want to. i like the gym. i feel alllll better afterwards, and all revived and just.. like i can breath. blah.
i know i am happier now, but i still feel sad... too much stuff going on right now. guys are just the most confusing creatures.. and me being a girl - all emotional and just PMS central and overally- doesnt contribute to anything. just sucks. why? but nothing more about that, i just dont have the energy.

tiffiany got into a car accident today with danielle. she isnt hurt, but i dunno why she would be so stupid as to ride with danielle. i dont really like danielle all that much. she is annoying and lies too much for me. im not attracted to people that lie in order to uphold their status and reputation or to get ahead in life and the like. doesnt float my boat.

im hungry. and i just ate popcorn. mm. i want more chinesefood. <3333chinesefood. too much for my own good i suppose. the pants i wore today had safety pins in the crotch. thats what i get for letting tiffiany "sow" them. hehe. and i stole cami's lovely scarf. i love it alot. its preeeeetttty. ehh.

i do believe richie got his braces off. yay. richie is lovely, and the best. ooo, james got his braces off too, teehee. seexxy seexxy people. i dont like my teeth. they need to be more white.

i wish i had enough balls to try out for a play or anything of the sort. tiffani does not have balls, but do not tell everyone. k? thanks.

MY house was on the news during the summer. apparently they thought our banana trees were exotic (i almost wrote erotic) and that the other plants in the yard were spiff. thats funny that i just got told that. i suck. and im slow as ever. wouldnt it.. well, i just totally forgot what i was going to write. whores.

english was fun today. ms. brennan is a silly cunt and i hope she busts a hip bending over. yes i do. aubrey "baaaaa" classic. your so adorable. i dont really remember every other class.. just that i felt really stupid and small today. and the fucking clocks arent working, and i get so confused, and i want to cry.

i had the worst headache all day. i was very dizzy and the light was killing me. i think i need glasses too. i felt like croaking in the middle of latin. i could have just died right there. fuckin crazy ass weather and all of these bullshit problems. i made my mom get me a dentist and doctor appointment. im gonna have to get another catskan. sniffles. they scare me. tiffi = clausterphobic (damn i cant spell), but yah.. this is too long. boy do i love you all.

vacuum is a funny word.

From: lessermortal
2003-12-04 05:44 pm (UTC)
your the bestest!

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